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What tech jobs are demand and why?

Technology is the new electricity driving revolution in our daily lives. You all can agree that technology has greatly impacted our daily routines and changes how we function as a society. This doesn’t only apply to individuals. Technology is transforming business operations and disrupting how business activities are performed.
Among all this revolution, the need for a skilled workforce is also increasing. You need skilled people to manage and create applications, software, and hardware. Tech jobs are on the rise as we need people to manage the ever-increasing technology.
The technology sector is getting hotter day by day, but some tech jobs are more in demand than others. In this post, we’ll talk about what those jobs are and why they’re more in demand than others. Let’s get started.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning engineer:

Automation is key to every business as it automates all the tedious and redundant tasks so employees can focus on more critical tasks. As the industry is shifting towards automation, artificial engineers and machine learning engineers are also increasing. AI engineers use big data to train models. These models can have an accuracy of up to 99.96%. The future of AI engineers is exponential, as it has a ludicrous growth rate of 344%.

Data Scientist:

Extracting valuable insights from a large data set in order to make the best business decisions is what differentiates competitors. Core competency is important, and a data scientist is who will make it possible. Industries are gathering more data than ever, which is why it's important to have a skilled data scientist. Job opening in this job is just massive. According to a study, a data scientist is the best job in terms of job satisfaction rating.

Software Engineer:

This is the most versatile and important job. Surprisingly the growth rate is 21%. The apps you use, the desktop applications you use, and the websites you use are all developed by software engineers. This is a thriving field. The need for web and mobile applications is increasing, and so is the need for more software engineers. A study shows that Linux software engineers can make $134,000 per year. You need not have a bachelor’s degree, as some tech giants have stopped asking for degrees. They focus more on the skills you can offer.

Computer Research Scientist:

A computer research scientist does the most fun and innovative work. They are in charge of researching technology and finding new ways technology can be used and implemented. This excels progress and drives development. The job growth rate is a staggering 16%.

Information Security Analyst:

What good is your business if it isn’t even safe? Each day hackers are finding new ways to steal your data and leverage it. An information security analyst’s job is to protect the business from cyber-attacks and other malicious attacks. They are key to safeguarding private data and the company’s confidential data. They use diverse strategies to protect data residing on virtual machines, on-premise devices, and the cloud. An information security analyst is a must, which is why the growth rate is 32%.


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